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Thanks to the money raised by the charity, the Rosslyn Park Injury Trust has supported a diverse set of people with different needs. In all cases they have benefitted in ways that have meaningfully improved their lives, both from a physical and, just as importantly, from a mental point of view.

Below are some examples of some of the people we have helped. 

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Bright future for talented footballer

The RPIT was approached by Ruby, a football mad 18 year old destined for great things. She sustained a serious injury, but the waiting list for the repairing operation was greater than 12 months. The RPIT helped organise a proper diagnosis and she underwent a successful operation funded by the RPIT.

Physical and Mental well being support

The RPIT funded an ACL reconstruction for 18 year old Ewan, who tore it playing rugby for his local club. After a successful operation he is determined to rehab properly to get on the rugby pitch again, not just for the sport but for the mental benefits from being part of a team sport.


Injury Trust gets Grace mobile again

We funded a wheelchair bike attachment for Grace Matthews, Bletchley WRFC, who lost a leg after a rugby injury. The new bike gives her real mobility again – she is getting out on long rides and giving the dog some exercise too!


Support to sons of Koro Oakham RFC

Fijian British Army player, Savenaca Koroiboulileka  or ‘Koro’ for short died suddenly while playing for Oakham RFC. In cases of death while playing sport our charity objects allows us to help young dependents. Koro has four sons aged 4-13, and a Trust Fund was set up by supporters at his club Oakham RFC to assist them until they reach the age of 18. We were pleased to make a contribution.


Injury Trust helps potential wheelchair rugby Olympian

The RPIT funded a £6000 state-of-the-art specialist wheelchair for George, a teenage rugby player for Blackburn RFC who broke his neck and was left paralysed. This helped him achieve his ambition of representing Great Britain at Wheelchair Rugby in the Paralympics. George commented, “I am looking forward to playing again and, thanks to the kindness of the Rosslyn Park Injury Trust Fund, having my own special chair to play in will be a great help. I am very keen to get back into action.”

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